The Rigid Beam series is an I-beam style truss building that is completely customizable and allows Britespan to build structures up to 300′ wide, totally free span. It is an excellent building solution for industries requiring buildings larger than 200′ wide, for example, large aircraft hangars, tall seed cleaning plants, indoor recreation facilities, any building that requires gantry cranes, and more.  This new building series also allows Britespan to easily engineer a number of custom elements, including side wall heights up to 40′ high and eave heights up to 80′ high, custom eave sizes, and wider end and side entrances.

The new Rigid Beam series can be easily customized with different slopes on the roof to meet heavy snow loads, or height restrictions and this truss style can also accommodate carrying conveyors directly on the truss. Insulation for the Rigid Beam is available.


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